2-Corner White Cyclorama Studio
(Green Screen Chroma Studio Adaptable)

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White Cyclorama, Green Screen
White Cyclorama, Green Screen
White Cyclorama, Green Screen
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White Cyclorama

Cone of SpacePepper’s most distinguishing features is that as a leading music recording studio, it has a wide cyclorama. A cyclorama, also known as a cyclorama wall or cyc wall, is a curved wall which is used as a background of a stage, which suggests unlimited space.

The cyclorama is any kind of walled background, having one or more curved surfaces, that creates the illusion of a seamless structure without any beginning or end. It is designed in such a way that it is impossible to distinguish where the floor ends and the wall begins. In a cyclorama, the curved surfaces are called “coves”. These coves are used to connect the right-angle intersections between the wall and floor, or the wall and the ceiling, or even to connect one wall to another. In addition, a genuine cyclorama has a top cove - this means that the top of the wall, and the ceiling, are seamless and indistinguishable.

Green Screen Adaptable

The computer systems that produce the virtual backgrounds and special effects (which can be seen in movies and various video applications) require that filming be done against an absolutely seamless, i.e. no visible corners or shadowing, chromakey backdrop which is then painted a very specific shade of blue or green. This is known as blue screen or green screen. Our state-of-the-art studio meets the growing demand for green screen and bluescreen studios and other cyclorama backgrounds in a multitude of environments and applications. A good cyclorama studio is the perfect solution to meet the needs of a virtual set and is great for working with digital photography backgrounds too. Enhanced by the extraordinary cyclorama wall, budding musicians are sure to find the best recording experience here at SpacePepper.

Cycloramas are used for a variety of purposes, including photography, videography, television advertisements etc. The illusion of a seamless, flawless white space enhances the experience of filming and recording for the aspiring musician or actor. In the virtual reality industry where chroma key and compositing technology are used to create virtual sets, a cyclorama background is not just beneficial but absolutely essential.

We at SpacePepper aim to provide the best and most extraordinary professional recording experience for aspiring actors, musicians etc.